LaBRI - Computer Science lab

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LaBRI You are welcome in the LaBRI, the "Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique".
It is located in a building referenced as "A30" on the campus of the University of Bordeaux 1.


From the airport:

Take the Jet'bus (airport shuttle) to Bordeaux, until the Gambetta station. From there, take the tramway line B , in direction of Pessac Centre , until the Peixotto station: you are on the campus border of the University of Bordeaux 1.

By taxi:

Ask for: "University Bordeaux 1, 351, cours de la Libération, Talence".

By city bus and tramway :

From the train station, take the bus line 34 in direction of Victoire and get off at Place de la Victoire station. Take the tramway, in direction of Talence. Get off at Peixotto or Bethanie station: you are on the campus border of the University of Bordeaux 1.


ENSEIRB - Concert DAFx

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enseirb The ENSEIRB school is only 200m from the tramway station "Arts et Métiers", on Tram Line B. It is a 800m walk from the LaBRI.


"La passerelle" - DAFx restaurant

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"La passerelle" is the restaurant where the lunch meals will be served (12:15-13:45) every day of the conference. It is located 100m from the tramway station "Doyen Brus" on Tram Line B.

Welcome in Bordeaux City Hall

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The welcome party will take place at the Bordeaux City Hall on Monday September the 10th at 18h30 (just go there directly, without prior registration). It is located 200m from the tramway station "Hotel de ville" on Tram Line B. It is then situated on the opposite side of the church, the entrance being usually guarded by policemen.

(photos from the tourism office of Bordeaux , F.Poincet left and T.Sanson right)

Some Restaurants in Bordeaux

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French Cuisine

Baud et Millet

A cheese specialised restaurant.

Reservations required.

19, Rue Huguerie
33000 Bordeaux
05 56 79 05 77

Budget : 30-60 EUR

Le chapon fin

5 rue Montesquieu
33000 Bordeaux
05 56 79 10 10

Reservations required.

Online reservation possible.

Budget : 60 - 100 EUR per person including wine.

Restaurant Les Noailles

12 Allée de Tourny
33000 - BORDEAUX
05 56 81 94 45

Bistrot du sommelier

167 Rue Georges Bonnac
33000 - BORDEAUX

Le vieux Bordeaux

With terrasse

7, Rue Buhan,
33000 Bordeaux
05 56 52 94 36

Reservations required.

À la carte 50 - 60 EUR
Menus 18 - 47 EUR

La crêperie du galet

A good place to eat french crêpes.

45, rue du Loup
05 56 48 25 03

Budget: 15-30 EUR

Foreign Cuisine

Au bonheur du palais

Chinese cooking

74 rue Paul Louis Lande,
33000 Bordeaux
05 56 94 38 63

Le Yako

Japanese/Corean cooking

34, Rue Lafaurie de Monbadon,
33000 Bordeaux
05 56 81 72 39

Cheap and Quick...

(Döner) Kebabs are quite good and big in Bordeaux, and with 4 EUR you'll probably be full. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding a place selling these down town, since there are lots of them.